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Welcome to Naxian Utopia - Naxian Utopia

Welcome to Naxian Utopia

Utopia is a perfect paradise, that seems impossible to exist, but which we all dream of anyway. You might imagine a dreamy place full of palm trees, warm breezes, and sun-soaked beaches.

This is the kind of paradise, that Naxian Utopia Luxury Villas and Suites aims to offer to its visitors.

Set into a rock 300 meters above the beach, the Naxian Utopia lives up to its name as the quintessence of sophisticated hospitality and sheer natural beauty, designed for true connoisseurs of the Cyclades.

In addition to seducing with the highest standard of elegance and service excellence, Naxian Utopia combines the natural beauty of its surroundings with modern opulence. A ‘green conscience’ underpins the structural use of locally quarried, hand-cut stone and sustainable materials, achieving a harmonious existence to the iconic design pieces and customized furnishings of ultra-glamorous interiors.
Where Romance Meets Luxury by the Beach
Naxian Utopia consists the must-visit place for friends, couples, and honeymooners who seek a romantic getaway in a perfect setting, minutes away from the famous beach on Naxos. The luxurious suites and villas provide luxurious comfort and attentive service, while fabulous entertainment areas offer a variety of dining options, bars, relaxing spa treatments, and spectacular views.
Sun-Kissed Temptations from Dawn to Dusk - Naxian Utopia

Sun-Kissed Temptations from Dawn to Dusk

From early morning to early evening, sun-kissed guests drift from one temptation to the next, lazing on shaded loungers in front of the spacious jacuzzis, enjoying light bites and rejuvenating cocktails that segue into aperitifs against the backdrop of a fiery sunset.

Bringing a utopian day to a close, the pool comes alive after dark with sparkles that wink at the stars above, inviting you to the first of the night’s many pleasures at our All Day Bar.

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Παροχές & Υπηρεσίες
Παροχές & ΥπηρεσίεςΤο Naxian Utopia Exclusive Villas & Suites Resort είναι η απόλυτη επιλογή για πολυτελή διαμονή στη Νάξο. Χτισμένο πάνω σε έναν βραχώδη λόφο, και λίγα μόλις μέτρα από τη διάσημη παραλία του Άγιου Προκόπιου, προσφέρει υπέροχη θέα στο Αιγαίο και απόλυτη...
Wellness Stay fit and rejuvenated! Our hotel’ elegant spa offers a refreshing respite from your daily routine, coupled with fully equipped eco-friendly fitness lounge. Immerse yourself in an idyllic spot made for rejuvenation and pamper your body and mind with unique Apivita products, therapeutical...
Εμπειρία Η Νάξος δεν είναι ένα τυπικό Κυκλαδονήσι, συνδυάζει αρχιτεκτονική και μορφολογία των Κυκλάδων με αυτά της Ηπειρωτικής Ελλάδας και του Ιονίου. Ενετικά κάστρα, μεσαιωνικά τείχη, πετρόχτιστες εκκλησίες και μονές, καταπράσινοι ορεινοί όγκοι, αμμουδερές παραλίες, γραφικά χωριά, μουσεία,...